After Member's Arrest, Wilson Needs New Zoner

Zoning board position in Wilson left vacant by Stephen Williams' embezzlement charge.

With the recent removal of former zoning board chairman Stephen Williams, Wilson Borough’s need for help on the influential body has been well-known.

If Monday night’s regular borough council meeting was any indication, Wilson should have no problem filling the vacancy. Williams was removed after being charged with stealing from the borough Lions Club, where he'd served as treasurer.

Two separate detailed application letters from local women –Janis Galitzeck, an environmental health and safety manager at Alcom Printing, and Janice Viglianti, a longtime real estate appraiser -- were read by borough manager Karen Lohrman to council members.

Both women in their letters professed a love of Wilson Borough and a desire to serve the community. (Viglianti attended the meeting – the sole member of the public there, apart from the press.)

Council President Lenny Feinberg asked that the position be advertised due to the relatively high interest in the job. Council agreed.

Council hopes to fill the position, which will be one of two non-voting alternate slots, toward the end of the year.

Councilman David Jones was absent.

carol kutz November 28, 2012 at 02:45 PM
they should investigate all the zoning officere's in wilson and township they all take keepbacks and allow" some"people that do favors for them or their" family ' get away with not following ordeniances to the point of state criminal acts against enviromental protection acts and fema grading and filling in in flood zone to certain extents should NOT be allowed
carol kutz November 28, 2012 at 02:57 PM
their should be investigation and a cleanup of township and wilson municple offices there are so many things illegal activity going on when your not involved in your community because your to busy working and having a life and we should figure that the people appointed or elected are doing their jobs ! I just didn't realize the to what extent until I had personal dealings first hand, it's unfathemable just how many lies and loops and rollercoaster rides they can take u on when they need to.. for someone who has the money and the power to persude the township to see things their way .. no matter who it hurts you can't do a thing about it either nobody has the time to fight a battle and they know it... well they don't know me .I want them exposed ttysoon!


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