What is Your Favorite Food at Musikfest?

Aw Shucks, Take-A-Taco, Bethlehem Dairy Store and so many more. What's your favorite food to get at Musikfest?


Sure, Musikfest is about music and beer and meeting old friends.

But it’s also about the food.

There is often something new and tempting to try. But for a lot of people, the festival is also about the old well-loved festival stand-bys – Karl Ehmer sausages at Festplatz, Aw Shucks roasted corn on the cob and Take-A-Taco, just to name a few.

Some folks have been known to come to Musikfest just to get a Take-A-Taco fix because stand owner George Pitsilos only opens up shop for Musikfest and the Great Allentown Fair.

What’s your favorite food at Musikfest? Tell us in the comments.

For 16 years, Morning Call columnist Bill White has taken one day of the festival and spent it “eating his way through Musikfest.”

Each year, the resulting column is an ode to gluttonous hilarity – as White tries to outspend his previous year’s record in 50-cent Musikfest food and beverage tickets.

In this year’s Olympics-themed column, White gave medals to the Biftana Pork Sandwich from Holy Infancy’s Melting Pot at Plaza Tropical, the blackened scallop kabobs at Jonathan’s Harbor in Volksplatz, the Deep Fried Milky Way at D&J Concessions in Plaza Tropical, the Beef Taco Salad at at Americaplatz and the Belgian Waffle at the stand at Festplatz – which he wrote was the size of a small pony.

What’s your favorite food at Musikfest? Tell us in the comments.

Mary Ellen Alu August 08, 2012 at 01:46 PM
I just like an evening when I don't have to cook!!!


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