Tony Blair to Speak at Lafayette

Former British Prime Minister to give college's Lives of Liberty speech in spring 2013.

Tony Blair, former prime minister of Great Britain, will deliver Lafayette College’s Lives of Liberty Lecture in the spring of 2013.

Blair, who served as Britian's leader from 1997 to 2007, is the second world figure to give the annual address. Vice President Joe Biden spoke at the school in May.

Originally begun to celebrate the college's namesake, the Marquis de Lafayette, the lecture series "features accomplished individuals whose lives embody the ideals of the Marquis in the world today," the school said on its website.

Details in the exact date/location of the lecture, as well as ticket information, have yet to be announced.

terence December 03, 2012 at 06:49 PM
tony blair is responsible for house prices that went up £10 000 a month ,he made no attemp to stop this by increaseing interest rates ,they blaim house rent now but when i was 18 years lold im 49 now u could save to get a deposit in london or kent easy ,,economy should stay at 0% so young people can get houses and others can buy more to rent out ,being expensive hurt all of us its a fast earner which does not let the ball turn in a circle ,i and many people have more common sense than all of them ,mage thatcher cared he doesn't he takes away the interest rates for he says the treasury was in control too long by the conservative ,and gives it to the bank of england to be in control to muck up ,i believe in a party that does it for love of people as one leader did but not the rest of her party did ,


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