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Televising Easton Sports Could Soon Cost More

The Easton Area School District hasn't raised its fee for broadcasting sporting events in 15 years.

Easton's sports teams have had some very good years.

Unfortunately, they may also be costing the school district money, athletic director James Pokrivsak told the night.

Speaking to the board's athletic committee, Pokrivsak said that the quality of Easton's teams means that local cable companies -- RCN and Service Electric -- tend to film their games more often.

But that means more people are seeing the games on TV, Pokrivsak said, and thus aren't buying tickets.

"Whenever we have live TV, our revenue is down," he said, although he won't know until the end of the year how much ticket sales have dropped.

So to recoup that loss, Pokrivsak wants the district to raise the rate it charges the broadcasters to cover the games.

The district's rate of $150 hasn't changed in at least 15 years, he said. He wants to change it, but he's not sure how much. Numbers ranged from $300 per game all the way up to $1,000.

Board members seemed to support the idea; board member William Rider suggested a new price of $500.

"When Easton comes to , they raise their ticket prices," board member Frank Pintabone sad. "I'm not quite sure of the thousand, but I like going high."


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