Prom-goers Party at EAHS 'til Dawn

Easton Area High School's post-prom party offers a fun time for teens and peace of mind for parents.

Though in danger of being canceled as late as last week, in the end Rover spirit prevailed and more than 50 parents and members of the community volunteered their time overnight Saturday to help make 's post-prom event a success.

Were you there Saturday night? Post your comments or photos!

Held from 11:30 p.m. Saturday through 5 a.m. Sunday, about 450 students enjoyed copious amounts of food donated by area eateries and other culinary venues, along with chances at prizes donated by other members of the community including a Kindle, a digital camera and a dorm fridge.

Games, music, movies, massages, a magic show and numerous other goodies and amusements kept the crowd entertained for the duration of the event.

The party is free for prom-goers and friends, with only one catch. Once there, students can't leave until it's over.

The event is seemingly becoming one more Rover rite of passage, along with the upcoming traditional senior picnic in June, and no one seemed to mind.

The post-prom bash is designed to offer a fun but safe environment for prom-goers to land after their formal event—and about three-quarters of them did just that, said event organizer Karen Corpora.

Some EAHS staff and teachers, along with security, also attended and helped make the night a smooth one.


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