Wi-Fi? Food Trucks? Lafayette Students Present Plan For Easton Parks

Lafayette College's Tech Clinic investigates ways to get people more involved at Eddyside and Nevin parks.

Lafayette College Tech Clinic students discuss improving Easton's parks.
Lafayette College Tech Clinic students discuss improving Easton's parks.
Each year, Lafayette College's tech clinic brings together students from different majors to try to solve problems for local businesses, governments and non-profits.

This year, the student program has set its sights on Easton's Nevin and Eddyside parks, and the question of how to get more people to visit them.

The six students presented their answers to that question Monday to Easton Mayor Sal Panto and members of the College Hill Neighborhood Association.

Their suggestions ranged from better seating in the parks to expanded programs—food trucks, more movies in the park, and holiday themed events—to having wi-fi in the parks.

“It gives people more things to do in the park," said senior Charles Vincent, a math major. "You could maybe even conduct some business on your lap top while spending time in the park.”  

They're also looking at ways of making it easier for pedestrians to get from one park to another. 

Currently, you need to cross Route 611 if you want to walk from Nevin to Eddyside or vice versa.

It can be a treacherous journey, said sophomore Brian Dierze, who spoke of a professor who had "gotten his kids across with many a close shave with regards to safety."

Panto praised the students' work, but stressed that Nevin Park should remain a "walk to" park, and not the type of place that would attract food trucks or some of the other high-profile programs the group pitched.

“They’re great ideas that we can use in other areas of the city," he said.

Past Tech Clinic projects include working with local fish farms, and the Veggie Van, which was aimed at bringing more fresh produce to West Ward residents.

What changes would you like to see at Eddyside or Nevin (or any other city parks)? Let us know in the comments.


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