Easton School Board Cuts 6 More Jobs

"We have a 6 million dollar deficit, and we’re going to make up 6 million," Easton School Board president says.

After learning Tuesday night that her son had just lost his job with the Easton Area School District, Brenda Messa had a question for the school board.

Where does it end?

The board had just voted 6-3 to cut six more positions at the elementary level: three math interventionists and three reading interventionists. 

In the last week, the school board has approved the elimination of 64 positions: , six Tuesday night -- on top of the original 102 from May. One of the most recent cuts was Messa's son.

"He was very comfortable when the budget passed a few weeks ago that he had snuck by," she said, referring to the first round of job cuts that accompanied .

"It's very scary and I don’t know where the end is," Messa said.

At first, she got no response from the board, until board member Frank Pintabone stepped in.

"Can we please give the woman in the back an answer?" he asked. "I think she speaks for a a lot of people in the district."


The end might not come any time soon, said Board President Robert Fehnel, who said the cuts were part of "restructuring programs."

"You can expect changes constantly," he said. "We have a 6 million dollar deficit, and we’re going to make up 6 million. It will continue. Next year we're looking $8 or $9 million. And it will continue."

Board member Robert Moskaitis noted that the board has "asked all groups to participate" when dealing with the cuts.

 "All groups have, except one," he said, in reference to the Easton Area Education Association, the teachers union.

Union representative Glenda Kellow noted the $28 million last year when they amended their contract.




Courtney July 18, 2012 at 12:44 PM
This is disgusting. Cut cut cut cut. And the 'threat' that next year they're looking at 8 or 9 million to cut too. How many teachers will be lost then? Why not just shut down a school or two, fire everyone and increase class size to 45-50 kids each? Who cares about educating kids anyway? It's only about passing the PSSAs anyway. (sarcasm and disgust is the tone I'm going for here, in case there's any question) I am sorry that my poor children are going to be the ones who get screwed in every way over the course of their time in the EASD. Thank goodness they have parents at home who will have to fill in the gaps in their education that the BOE have created by firing all these teachers. Screw the kids, save a buck. Nice.....
Renee July 18, 2012 at 06:11 PM
Some teachers are making $30,000 raises in this contract so I think they should consider re opening their contract. I know my opinion will not be popular with some teachers. I do know that my husband who works in retail did not even get a raise this year. He works 50 hour weeks with only 3 weeks vacation!
louis kootsares July 19, 2012 at 09:10 AM
it is disgusting... teachers teach but why lay off teachers?what do all these assistant administrators do?except get overpaid salaries when education was functioning there were no assistants and principals for every grade and positions one needs an inventory sheet to remember.. are they i think as vital as tapeworms to the digestive system oh yes.. we need new system of collecting school taxes to feed these parasites.. paying for something that ranks 20th in the world is disgusting paying for parasites is also stinko we also need mandatory drug testing
louis kootsares July 23, 2012 at 01:04 PM
when our quality of education ranks 20th in the world our "educators should be paid accordingly around what a server at mcdonalds makes and the administration should dress up like ronald mcdonald perfect and then drug testing for all maybe sobrity testing shame there are no tests to prevent sleeping with students


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