What's the Future of Easton's Weed & Seed Program?

Easton city council is considering making program director a city employee.

State funding for may have shrivled up, but that doesn't mean the program is necessarily dead.

According to the Express-Times, the city wants to continue the crime prevention/neighborhood revitilization program, with money in next year's budget to hire its director as a city employee.

Gov. Tom Corbett cut all funding from Weed & Seed programs around the state in his most recent budget. But city officials Tuesday night argued there was an upside to this; without state funding, Weed & Seed in Easton would be free from some of the state's restrictions. For example, it could potentially expand into other areas of the city, rather than just the West Ward.

Weed & Seed exists in 16 other communities across the state, and was established in Easton 11 years ago.

Here's how it's supposed to work: police and prosecutors come into a neighborhood and try to reduce criminal activity, with things like undercover operations and a more visible police presence. (That's the "weed" part.)

Then community organizations step in and focus on anti-drug, education, public health and education for people in the neighborhood. In other words, they plant the seeds that could make the neighborhood better.

In Easton, that means programs such as , which provides free meals and gives families in the West Ward activities to do during the summer.



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