"Lazy" Double Parkers Could Face $100 Fine

Easton City Council proposes an extra fine for people who double park when spaces are readily available.

If you double park in Easton, you're in danger of a $25 ticket.

But if the police can determine that you're guilty of "lazy" double parking? Well, be prepared to pay four times as much.

That's according to a new ordinance proposed by City Councilman Jeff Warren. It would charge anyone who double parked when a parking space was already available -- i.e. "lazy" double parkers -- with a $100 ticket. After a week, the fine would go up $25. 

Warren told council's public safety committee Tuesday that although police have only issued about seven double parking tickets in the last six months, he's gotten numerous complaints about it. He added that he realized his proposal could be seen as a money-making scheme.

"We're not trying to ticket our way to budget salvation," Warren said. "Quite frankly, if there's a spot that's 20 feet away from you and you don’t park in it, you should be ticketed."

But Councilwoman Elinor Warner wanted to know how police would separate the lazy from the "simply annoying" double parkers.

"Maybe I double park, and there’s a space that opens up while I buy my pack of gum," she said, and asked why the city wasn't just raising its fine for double parking.

Police Chief Carl Scalzo acknowledged that in court, officers would have to prove a space was available.

But City Administrator Glenn Steckman said the ordinance "adds a little extra string" to double parkers.

Meanwhile, council began looking at the idea of parking spaces for motorcycles and scooters. It's a move prompted by Warner, who drives a scooter.

"When people see me pulling into a parking space with my scooter, they yell at me," she said. "They’re mad because I’m taking up a whole parking space."

Mayor Sal Panto said one possibility is devoting half of a space to scooters and motorcycles.

Easton Observation October 10, 2012 at 03:08 PM
"Lazy Parking" NOW !!! Give me a break..so many disadvantages to even attempt to shop or eat in the downtown. The wasteful spending on downtown Easton just keeps on going to no end. Now the City of Easton spending on brand new curbing and side walks just spending like its something that the city desparatly needed. How about this one ? You can go into City Hall and complain to Mayor Sal Panto and the code officers about illegal business being run in properties in the West Ward that are zoned as "residential" of course you get typical politician "lip service" from the mayor, that he would do something about it. He the Mayor has been aware of the health and environmental hazzards associated with this llegal dumping and waste. As of today, still nothing has been done to crackdown on this problem. Does it have to do with purhaps, its of no concern or public safety issue because its not in your wonderful tax burden "downtown" improvement district???? The hell with the rest of the city. Or I suppose it is not election season, so who cares ? Because it sure is not the Mayor that cares...its not in the downtown. I can tell you that it sure is more difficult to patronize the downtown eateries and purchase or pick up lunch from any of the downtown eateries with all of the parking spaces affected or lost due to the new curbing. And now add a "Lazy Parking" ticket. Easton coucilmen and woman..wake up!! Lazy Parking give me a break !!!
louis kootsares October 10, 2012 at 04:40 PM
i have no clue what a cultural wasteland is ,maybe its a crayon exhibit ..but i won't know because i am afraid of a hefty parking ticket ,but i am sure all of easton's woes will soon be fixed.. mayor panto learned plenty of fantastic things from his trip to israel he is going to use
Amend October 10, 2012 at 05:22 PM
@Easton Observer- that downtown vs. west ward nonesense is played out. Both sections of the city have their issues. Acting like one is better off than another is simply divisive, and doesn't offer any solutions. Your point about illegal businesses has nothing to do with the topic of the article, and all of the sidewalk improvements you mentioned are being funded by state/fed grant money.
Amend October 10, 2012 at 05:28 PM
@louis- you're argument is equally as ridiculous and off topic. Regardless, if you have no idea what a cultural wasteland is than the mall is probably your cup of tea.
louis kootsares October 10, 2012 at 06:27 PM
hahahaha what was wrong with the old sidewalks? i cannot understand the merit in spending money foolishly just because it is grant money and if i want to know anyhing about business sense humpf but i am sure amend can tell me where a cultue mecca is.. i remember when easton had culture .. when the bookies used to hang around the circle and you could get in a good 2dollar bet


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