Easton, Wilson Mayors Want Tougher Gun Laws

Mayor Sal Panto of Easton and David Perrusso of Wilson are among several U.S. mayors signing a letter from Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Editor's note: The following is a letter sent to the White House Wednesday from the group Mayors Against Illegal Guns. Among the mayors signing were Sal Panto of Easton and David Perruso of Wilson, as well as Gerald Gross of West Easton.

In the last year, both Easton and Wilson have been struggling with gun violence. Easton had five homicides in 2012, four of them gun-related. A city man was shot and wounded in Wilson earlier this year.

This letter is in response to a different gun crime: the school shooting last week in Newtown, Conn.


Dear President Obama,


On Friday, December 14th the entire nation watched as parents stood outside the Sandy Hook Elementary Schooland waited, desperately hoping to be reunited with their children.  That moment will never end for the families of the 20 children and six adults who were murdered that day at the school. 

 As mayors, we are charged with keeping our communities safe.  But too many of us have sat with mothers and fathers of children killed with guns.  Twenty-four children enrolled in public schools in your hometown of Chicago were shot to death just last year. 

 At the moving memorial service on Sunday evening, you said: “If there is even one step we can take to save another child or another parent or another town from the grief that has visited Tucson and Aurora and Oak Creekand Newtown and communities from Columbine to Blacksburg before that – then surely we have an obligation to try.”

 Our bipartisan coalition of more than 750 mayors has joined forces with over 700,000 Americans and more than 100 survivors of deadly shootings, including the mass shootings you mentioned in your remarks.  Together, we urge you to put forward an agenda that is rooted in common sense and that will make it harder for dangerous people to possess guns, and easier for police and prosecutors to crack down on them.  That agenda should:

  •  Require every gun buyer to pass a criminal background check:  Background checks are the only systematic way to stop felons, domestic abusers and other dangerous people from buying firearms.  These checks are instantaneous and highly effective. Since its inception, the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) has blocked firearms purchases at licensed dealerships by millions of individuals who are barred by federal law from owning them.  But criminals and other prohibited purchasers avoid these checks by buying firearms, including online and at gun shows, from unlicensed “private sellers” who are not required by federal law to conduct the checks. Millions of gun sales — estimated at more than 40 percent of the U.S. annual total — are conducted through private sellers. The Fix Gun Checks Act (H.R.1781 / S.436) would close this enormous gap in our laws by requiring a criminal background check for every gun sale. 
  • ·       Get high capacity rifles and ammunition magazines off our streets:  Military-style weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines have no appropriate civilian or sporting function.  They are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly.  They are also disproportionately used to kill law enforcement officers; approximately one out of five law enforcement officers slain in the line of duty is killed with assault weapons. The time has come to review the federal assault weapons ban that expired in 2004 and draft a new law that is clear and enforceable and will take these weapons out of our communities.
  • ·       Make gun trafficking a federal crime: Today, there is no clear and effective statute making gun trafficking a crime. Prosecutors are instead forced to rely on a weak law prohibiting engaging in the business of selling guns without a federal license, which carries the same punishment as trafficking chicken or livestock.  As a result, according to the Justice Department’s Inspector General, U.S. Attorneys decline to prosecute 25 percent of those cases while declining only 9 percent of drug conspiracy cases.  Mayors Against Illegal Guns supports proposals to empower law enforcement to investigate and prosecute straw purchasers, gun traffickers, and their entire criminal networks.

Those ideas require action by Congress, but there steps you and your Administration could and should take immediately to curb gun violence:

  • ·       Appoint an ATF director: The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives (ATF), the federal agency responsible for enforcing our gun laws, has gone without a confirmed director for more than six years.  During that time, criminals and those with serious mental illness have been able to take advantage of insufficient enforcement of existing federal gun laws, and an estimated 72,000 Americans have been murdered with guns.  In 2011, for the first time in over a decade, more police officers were shot to death in the line of duty than were killed in automobile accidents.  The need for leadership at the ATF has never been more urgent.  The time has come for you to make a recess appointment to fill the vacancy at the top of the ATF.
  • Prosecute prohibited purchasers who attempt to buy firearms, ammunition or high-capacity magazines:  The Justice Department should vigorously prosecute felons and other prohibited purchasers who fail gun background checks.  In 2009, the Federal Bureau of Investigation referred more than 71,000 such cases to ATF, but U.S. Attorneys ultimately prosecuted only 77 of them.  Prosecuting these offenders is a goal broadly supported by our coalition and the National Rifle Association.  The Department should also develop a mechanism for sharing NICS denial information with local and state law enforcement officials by sending them active alerts; or, at a minimum, posting the information at the National CriminalInformation Center so state and local law enforcement officials can access it during investigations.
  •  Require federal agencies to report records to NICS:  The NICS Improvement Act of 2007 requires federal agencies to submit mental health, substance abuse and other records that prohibit a person from owning a gun to NICS.  However, few agencies comply.  In October 2011, the FBI provided data to MAIG on reporting by 60 federal agencies.  Of those 60 agencies, 52 had given zero mental health records to NICS. Although total federal agency reporting of mental health records increased by ten percent between March and October 2011, to 143,579, the vast majority of those records had been submitted by one agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs.  Even fewer federal agencies are reporting drug abusers.  Only three agencies — the FBI, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the Court Services and Offenders Supervision Agency (CSOSA), the probation and parole services agency for the District of Columbia — have submitted any substance abuse records, and the vast majority of federal agencies, including the Drug Enforcement Administration, have not submitted a single substance abuse record.  The president should issue an executive order requiring all federal agency heads to certify twice annually, in writing, to the U.S. Attorney General that their agency has submitted all relevant records to NICS.
  • Repeal remaining Tiahrt restrictions:  While Mayors Against Illegal Guns and our law enforcement allies have made progress in relaxing the “Tiahrt restrictions,” which are riders to the federal budget that restrict access to federal gun data, some still remain.  These remaining restrictions keep the public, particularly researchers and elected officials, in the dark about gun traffickers – specifically, who they are and how they operate.  It also requires the FBI to destroy records of approved NICS background checks within 24 hours.  That makes it harder to detect law-breaking dealers who fake their records, or to identify straw buyers who undergo the checks on behalf of someone who couldn’t pass.  The Tiahrt Amendments also say ATF can’t require dealers to inspect their inventory, which could reduce the tens of thousands of guns that go missing or are stolen each year.  Finally, the police and other law enforcement agencies that get trace data can’t use it in license revocation proceedings or in civil litigation.  The administration should repeal these restrictions in its next budget.

In the past few days, the American people came together in a national outpouring of grief and sympathy for the families of victims slain in the mass shooting in Newtown.  We share in that grief.  But our constituents are also outraged and looking for leadership from the White House.  We look forward to working with you to find a solution to gun violence in our country.

P. Cornetta December 20, 2012 at 04:41 PM
Gee, I'm pretty sure the bad guys will not be okay with your idea. Please stop trying to speak for all of use. You politicians are all the same... clueless. Let me ask you a question... if someone had a gun in that school, and stopped this tragedy from happening, would you be whining about gun control? I doubt it. As far as shootings here, get a clue. It's not like all the guns used were registered. What do think will happen... all the bad guys will line up to register their guns, or better yet will buy them legally. Will you be the one to protect MY family if someone comes in....Again not likely!!! Your against citizens who have a CONSTITUTIONAL Right to protect their families. BTW you and Obama want gun control, how about starting with ERIC HOLDER "the legal criminal", you know Fast & Furious, how soon we forget when it's convenient.
leia December 20, 2012 at 04:51 PM
Seriously? Tighter gun laws because criminals follow the rules. Sorry guys. We are keeping our legally purchased guns responsibly. If you think this Will help, research Chicago's gun laws and how crime actually went up. Don't kill the 2nd amendment because a crazy idiot did a crazy thing. Gun laws won't prevent people from snapping and going nuts. Don't blame guns blame the psychos who do this stuff. So convenient to lean on the government and instead of looking to ourselves to be responsible, we look at government once again to take care of us. Land of the free-yeah right- land of the entitlists and the "woe is me" attitude.
Scott Amacker December 20, 2012 at 04:52 PM
Do you think any of them noticed the irony of asking Obama to make gun trafficking a federal crime in the shadow of "Fast and Furious?"
Mat Benol December 20, 2012 at 10:14 PM
This is nothing more than jumping on the anti-gun bandwagon. Where was this outrage prior to last week? Why didn't the Mayors file their petition after AG Holder allowed assault weapons to walk into Mexico? Or after US Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was killed with a Fast and Furious weapon? People kill people. Going after the assault weapon is similar to going after Chevy or Ford to end drunk driving, Lets have rational discussions not useless politicizing for political gain.
Jack December 21, 2012 at 05:23 AM
Ridiculous: All three should reserve your opinions for your own minds. You didn't win an election on gun rights.It is evident by your comments what you don't know. I could write pages on what I have seen in my 72 years. The gun is not the problem. There are police who don't know how to handle a gun. History will tell you that. The problem is the changed culture in your area and all areas. Drugs are included in that change. Mental health laws are also. The drugs come from outside the area, They bring guns from outside the area. Drugs are illegal. Stop the drugs and the gun problems will cease. If you can't stop illegal drugs what makes you think you will stop illegal guns. You are only penalizing the good people. It will not be accepted by the law abiding citizen. Police have them for protection don't they. You could be creating a bigger problem. Some times it pays to let a sleeping dog sleep.


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