Easton Shows Off New Firetruck

City fire department paid $504,000 for new 'Transformer' pumper.

A Transformer came to Easton City Council's meeting Tuesday night.

Don't think "Optimus Prime." 

This "Transformer" is the model name for the Easton Fire Department's $504,000 new pumper truck, which was displayed for city officials following the meeting.

It's the first new pumper since 2004, said Deputy Fire Chief John Price. It was designed specifically for the department's substation on Easton's South Side, and replaces a truck from 1985.

The truck is rated to pump 1,500 gallons of water per minute, Price said. 

"Ninety percent of our fires, that's enough," he said. (The other 10 percent require the department to open up its hydrants.)

With the truck parked outside city hall, fire officials showed off its bells and whistles, including a remote-controlled spotlight mounted atop the vehicle.

At last week's budget meeting, Fire Chief John Bast had mentioned the truck's arrival, and also reported he'd found records of a much earlier fire truck purchase, in 1912.

Those firefighters, Bast said, couldn't have imagined something like this.


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