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City Council to Consider Home Rule Charter Changes

The council plans to hold a special workshop retreat to consider Easton's governing document point by point.

Easton City Councilman Mike Fleck will lead a city council retreat early next year so members can discuss and suggest possible changes to the city's Home Rule Charter.

"We're going to go through the charter about points that need to be at least discussed, if not changed,” Fleck said at Wednesday's city council meeting. "It's not going to be a free-for-all."

He added he expects the workshop to be a three-hour event with a very structured format, where the council will go point by point through the document.

It will probably to be scheduled for a Saturday some time in late February or early March, officials suggested.

While the meeting isn't specifically geared to public input, Fleck said citizens are certainly invited to make suggestions to the council for consideration during the retreat.

Any actual changes to must be approved by voters and would have to be placed on the ballot by August to be voted on in the November election, Fleck noted. 


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