Prepare Now for Winter Storm Nemo, Vigilance Hose Says

With Winter Storm Nemo forecasts for the Lehigh Valley looking more ominous as the hours tick by, the president of Vigilance Hose Co. No. 1 sends a message to residents.

As the next winter storm -- Winter Storm Nemo -- sets its sights on the northeastern corner of the country and the Lehigh Valley, the president of Vigilance Hose Co. No. 1 has issued the following statement:


With the pending snow storm heading our way, now would be the time to make sure you have all the essentials.

  • Batteries
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Flashlights
  • Candles

We can list other items, but I am sure everyone knows by now what they need.

If the power does goes out, please DO NOT LEAVE ANY CANDLES LIT if you leave the house.

It is important to watch the Weather Channel or WFMZ (or Nazareth Patch) to keep up with what is happening with the storm.

Please travel safely and smartly. If it is too bad outside, do not travel. If you have to travel, take your time and watch out for small children playing in the snow. Leave plenty of room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you.

If the snow accumulations are high and you live near a fire hydrant, please take some time and shovel out the area in front of the hydrant so the fire department has access to that hydrant. You never know when the fire department may need to use that hydrant.

The fire department may or may not be busy. Please be aware that emergency vehicles may be traveling around and through the borough.

If an emergency is declared, we will man the firehouse to answer any questions you may have.

Please use common sense and let the public works, fire and police departments do their jobs. Our goal is your safety, your goal should be to stay safe!

Stay warm and be safe!
Carl Strye Jr.
President, Vigilance Hose Co. No. 1

Chris Miller February 07, 2013 at 11:13 PM
You're kidding me. We are going to go along with left wing gobblygook and name snow storms. Why are we doing that.? It is absurd and i do hope the fire chiefs find something else to do with their time. A littel snow, a little ice, and maybe some wind. But the amount is six inches. What next
rick troxell February 08, 2013 at 02:21 AM
6 inches now maybe 12 tomorrow. maybe ice and no school?? The storm was named by the national weather service. the numbers have changed repeatedly for the last two days. Good move on the part of Carl Strye. If it is minimal,great. If not at least people in the Borough have some direction to gain info and help. What's the issue?
Mallory Vough February 08, 2013 at 02:35 AM
Rick is correct, Chris. The Weather Channel started naming winter storms during the 2012-13 season in an effort to increase awareness and enhance communication of disruptive, impactful winter storms.


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