Phone Scammers Threaten Wilson Man's Son, Police Say

Wilson police say borough man forced to wire $550 to protect his son from phony threat.

Wilson police say a 65-year-old borough man was the victim of a telephone scam that involved a threat on his son's life.

Police say the man got the call Tuesday morning from a caller who said the victim's son had been involved in a hit-and-run crash with the caller's family.

Police gave the following account:

The caller told the man they had a gun to the son's head and would shoot him if the man didn't wire them $1,500. 

There were two men on the other line: a younger man threatening the son, and an older man who tried to keep the father calm. They warned him not to hang up or go to the police. They had him to go a pharmacy, where he wired $550 via MoneyGram to Puerto Rico.

As soon as the money was sent, the call was disconnected. The father called his son, who said he was fine and hadn't been in an accident.

Police ask anyone who gets a similar call to report it right away. Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Marc Crisfulli at 610-258-8542.


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