Man in Custody After Stockertown "Dirty" Bomb Scare

Emergency crews evacuated three homes early Sunday because of possible "dirty" bomb

2:00 p.m. Update: The Morning Call is reporting that the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are involved in the investigation. A dark-colored Jeep 4x4 - likely the suspect's vehicle - was seen parked in the Stockertown emergency services garage. The vehicle was surrounded by yellow police tape.

11:40 a.m. Update: Stockertown's police chief is expected to release some information on the bomb scare investigation later today, an officer has told Patch. He did not specify when details will become available and would not disclose where the suspect is. 

10 a.m. Update: Officials from the Lehigh County Emergency Management Agency have arrived in Stockertown, where police are going through the suspect's vehicle. Northampton County EMA is also working with Stockertown police on the case. At least one EMA responder is using a survey meter, which is a portable unit used to detect radiation. Initial reports indicated the suspect may have had a "dirty" bomb.

STOCKERTOWN - Police say a DUI incident led to a bomb scare that shut down Stockertown’s Main Street early Sunday and caused officials to evacuate three homes.

One man is in custody and police are continuing to investigate. Very little information has been released to the public but police say the suspect is not a Stockertown resident.

The incident began with a report of a DUI at 2 a.m. followed by a 3 a.m. report of a possible “dirty” bomb on Main Street. Police have not confirmed the presence of a bomb but did call in Forks Township and Northampton County emergency responders.       

Reports around 4 a.m. indicated a suspect allegedly began aiming a "large-caliber gun with a radiological symbol on it" at cars and that the suspect may have "prior operative experience." Police and emergency units limited their radio communication because the suspect reportedly had numerous radios in his possession. 

Residents who were told to evacuate their homes have since been able to return, police say. Traffic from Main Street and Route 33 was temporarily rerouted but is now back to normal.

A "dirty" bomb is a mix of explosives such as dynamite with radiological material, according to the Centers for Disease Control. More information is available on their website


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