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Easton Police Sgt. Ordered to Surrender Guns After PFA Issued

Easton Police Sgt. Dominick Marraccini must give up weapons after wife seeks protection from abuse order, according to published reports.

Easton Police Sgt. Dominick Marraccini was ordered to surrender his weapons after his wife was granted a protection from abuse order against him, according to published reports.

Lehighvalleylive.com reported that a Northampton County judge also ordered that Marraccini, of Washington Township, Northampton County, have no contact with his wife. 

Marraccini's wife, in her application, accused him of being verbally abusive and threatening.

Washington Township police told The Morning Call that Marraccini faces no criminal charges in a Wednesday night domestic dispute that figured into the PFA.
richard traylor January 25, 2014 at 08:47 AM
"Marraccini's wife, in her application, accused him of being verbally abusive and threatening." Although a spouse deserves to feel secure and safe from an abusive husband it should also depend upon substantiated evidence before this officier's rights are denied. I was wrongfully issued a protection order because of my estranged wife 30 years ago during a separation for divorce and it was done out of spite to keep me away from seeing my child. If there has been no investigation or record of any kind of domestic disturbance in the past, it should be thoroughly reviewed before potentially ruining an officer's career. Otherwise, it would be like branding a woman as a prostitute for suspicion of having an extramarital affair.
Kaos8 January 25, 2014 at 09:40 AM
I have known Nick for 10+ years- socially and in a professional manner. I never would suspect this from him. I am sure there are underlying things here that we are all not hearing about. I do know many cases where a female/spouse knows that if they make these kind of charges/accusations it can ruin an officer's career. I really hope that this is not the case. In any matter- no matter what the outcome or what the truth is- these accusations are going to taint his career and people are always going to remember these accusations. I really hope that these allegations are false and that Nick and his wife get through this. And in any case- it really is no one's business, unless these allegations are proven. It is a shame that the dirty laundry is being shared before there is proof.
Sheriffchris January 25, 2014 at 02:29 PM
Unfortunately, many women become vindictive when divorce is near. This man can not perform his job without the tools of his trade which is being denied along with do course of law. This women has every right to fell safe, but a hearing should have been held to determine bases. I had an officer working for me a short ago, having marital problems. I ordered him to lock his weapon and his off duty weapon in the station house vault where he had to sign the weapon in and out each day. A few weeks later his wife accused him of threatening her with his service revolver, fortunately for him and unfortunately for her it was recorded locked in the station when she said the threat occurred. Charges are pending against her.


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