Easton Block Watch Brings Back "Court Watch"

Program has Easton Block Watch members provide support for victims in court.

If you're the victim of a crime, chances are you'll have to testify in court at some point.

The first time you'll do so could be in a district court, facing the person you're accusing of hurting you. It could be a scary experience.

With that in mind, is hoping to resurrect its "court watch" program, in which watch members sit in on hearings to provide comfort for victims of crimes. 

"Sometimes they don't have a lot of support there, or a lot of family to be there with them," said Brian Otto, the Block Watch President.

He says the block watch's presence in court also shows accused criminals "hat there are people out there who care and they're watching."

For now, the group will be working with only one of Easton's three district courts, that of .

"If their presence helps smooths things over, that's fine with me," Elwell said. 

She noted that she liked members of the public witnessing what happens in court.

Otherwise, "it's easy for people to misunderstand the nature of a court proceeding."

Otto said the block watch will also reach out to on the South Side. He expects the court watch program to be up and running in about a month.

Horv Paul May 16, 2012 at 01:15 PM
Good luck Brian and Scott. i hope you have more people step up and join. its a great program, just getting people involved is the hardest thing. like all volunteer programs, keeping them involved and just getting them to show up is the hardest part. all the best.


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