NorthEastern Snow Storm

This is sad, the city of Easton, what I can't understand, as well as many other residents that live in the city of Easton, why can't the town, bring in the snow plows, have everyone move their vehicles to one side of the street and plow these mounds of snow up, and take them to the empty parks, and dump it, and then repeat steps one and two, until all the streets and alleys are cleaned up, People arguing about parking spots, ignorant people throwing snow on the spot that was just cleaned up, and shrugging their shoulders, and then a person wonders why their is so much biggering, something needs to be done, this is hazardeous, as well as disrupting to each individual. I understand highways and schools are very important to be clean and free from this snow, but so are streets and alleys!


Tara D White
Tara White February 14, 2014 at 08:16 AM


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