John Morganelli: Bon Vivant

Campaign finance records show the DA likes to dine out.

Last year, Northampton County District Attorney John Morganelli raked in $87,874.37 from well-wishers, including people who work for him and lots of $250 checks from defense lawyers. Morganelli is sitting on a $130,000 mountain of cash. But don't worry. He made lots of contributions last year, too.

To himself.

Campaign finance records reveal that Morganelli donated $13,625.87 to himself last year, a year in which he wasn't running for anything. Thta's right. His campaign fund became his personal ATM machine.

So what did he do with all that dough? He blew $1,109.99 at Macy's, presumably to buy a few DA uniforms. He filled up his gas tank 15 times, spending at least $40 for his gas guzzler every time. But most amazing of all are the restaurants. Man, this is one skinny guy who loves to dine out. Check out his dining roster:

Krita's - twice.
Stefano's - 13 times.
Edge - three times.
- once.
Emeril's Chop House - twice. 
Perkins - once.
Apollo - five times.
Blue Grille - three times.
- once. 
Starters - once.
Benner Street - once. 
- once. 
- once.

That's 35 meals from John's donors in a nonelection year.

I confronted him about this at the courthouse ("Gimme a break" was his response), where Susan's Catering has even named a sandwich in his honor. It's called the Morganelli and is full of ham.

John, couldn't you blow your campaign money there even once? 


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