Merry Christmas From the Easton Patch

Some Christmas wishes from your editor...

I wrote one of these two years ago, and if you want to see how much time has passed, just look at the slight difference in headlines.

2010: Merry Christmas From Easton Patch.

Two years later, I've adopted the vocabulary as a lot of you (and not just in Easton, but everywhere): "The Patch."

Two years ago on Christmas, I was thanking people for sticking with us for our first two months, and looking ahead to 2013.

I'm still grateful to all our readers, and still looking ahead, but as I write this -- December 23 -- I'm also looking back at what's been a tough year. 

I hope 2013 brings a better year than 2012, not just in Easton, but everywhere. 

But I'm mostly thinking of Easton, my adoptive home. 

I wish for a more peaceful year. I wish for a 2013 where people in Easton stop deciding to use guns to settle scores. I wish for no more bullets fired at homes.

I wish that we weren't talking about arming teachers. 

I wish that our commenters were nicer to each other. 

And I wish for more business success stories, and fewer of these. 

I wish all of you happy, prosperous year, and a Merry Christmas to those of you -- a lot of you, given the region's demographics -- celebrating it. Be safe. 


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