'Exposing Easton' on Facebook, Cheeburger and Dogs Top March News

Other big stories include the city hall move, a Larry David sighting, and a grand jury ruling.

March was an interesting month around Easton. The city began taking steps toward moving city hall, police opened an investgation into a Facebook page devoted to the alleged sex lives of young Easton women, and we had a visit from one of the creators of a classic sitcom.

Here are some of this month's big stories.

'Exposing Easton' Under Investigation

Easton police are investigating "Exposing Easton Hoes," a now-defunct Facebook page claiming to chronicle the sexual exploits of young women from Easton.

'Cheeburger' Chain Coming to Pomeroy Building

A small hamburger chain wants to move into Easton's Pomeroy building. Cheeburger, Cheeburger, a 1950s-themed hamburger joint, will be the refurbished downtown Easton's new tenant.

A Northampton County grand jury has ruled that there's not enough evidence to file homicide charges in the death of a Bethlehem man last year. The grand jury said this week that Matthew Kelly "participated voluntarily in his own death" when he tried to rob Brian Simmons.

For Sale: Easton City Hall

Within three years, Easton's city goverment will have a new home. City Council voted Wednesday to look for buyers for the Alpha Building—its home since 1996—and move to the new $26 million intermodal center.

Dying Dog Left Outside Pet Shop

Bracha was found in a box, malnourished and dying, in front a pet store in a strip mall outside of Easton. A trainer called it "neglect to a whole new level."

Last week, we reported on a drug raid in the West Ward in which a dealer allegedly kept heroin under the bed where his 2-year-old son was sleeping.

Readers were disturbed by that detail, but also by another one: The story noted the presence of a pit bull in the apartment at the time of the raid. Fans of the breed say it's another example of pit bulls getting a bad rap.

HBO's Larry David Spotted in Easton

Every spring, the Quadrant in downtown Easton sees a lot of parents of prospective Lafayette College students. So far, only one of them has been the creator of Seinfeld. Larry David, who helped Jerry Seinfeld craft the classic NBC sitcom before going to star on HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm, apparently stopped by the Third Street bookstore/coffeehouse Wednesday while he and his daughter were touring Lafayette.


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