Did Someone In Easton Lose a Chicken?

Bird found wandering downtown Easton, turned over to Center for Animal Health and Welfare.

I was doing some work on our Facebook page earlier today when I came across this posting that went up Saturday on the Center for Animal Health and Welfare page.

"Lil' Jerry Seinfeld was found walking around downtown Easton and was brought to us as a stray. We are looking for a farm that will give sanctuary to this rooster. He is just gorgeous, he does crow and will be a wonderful addition to someone's family farm."

Above that, a picture of a white rooster.

Apparently, this odd story has a happy ending. Earlier today, the Center posted that "Lil Jerry" would  be heading to "a family farm - he will have several hen friends and be safe from ever becoming dinner."

Still, I'm kind of curious about where the rooster came from. Comment below or write to me at tom.coombe@patch.com if you have any ideas.

By the way, a chicken roaming the city isn't unheard of. In 2004, Morning Call reporter Tracy Jordan told the story of "Chicken Cattell," who enjoyed a lengthy stretch as something of a College Hill celebrity; there was even a pot luck dinner one year in her honor.


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