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Metaphysion Opens in Downtown Easton

Newly opened store hopes to offer gifts, services, that fuses multiple faiths and traditions.

Walk inside Metaphysion on North Third Street in Easton, and you'll see a shelf near the counter filled with small statues.

Hinduism's Shiva shares space with the Egyptian diety Horus, a depiction of the pieta and an antler-horned god.

"We're trying to promote spiritual diversity and religious tolerance," said Ed Garcia, manning the counter at Metaphysion Friday. "So we're trying to have a little bit of everything. We're trying to show we can all co-exist."

Metaphysion opened last month, one of two new "new age" style stores in downtown Easton. (We profiled the other one, -- which is also on North Third -- a few weeks ago.)

The store -- which sells candles, incense, stones, bags, books, and decorative items -- is a venture of seven friends from all around the Lehigh Valley. Garcia, from Emmaus, said it began when "we were all sitting around" talking about a store, calling it "Metaphysion," when one of them took action.

"He went and bought the domain name and said 'You've got no reason not to do it now. Make it a reality, not just talking,'" Garcia recalled.

The group includes "a Gnostic minister, three witches, an astrologer," said Colleen McNamara, part of the seven. 

"Everyone has their own spiritual gifts," she said.

"Do we have any two people who follow the same path?" Garcia asked.

Metaphysion is at 121 N. Third St., inside the space occupied by the , which has since moved to Northampton Street.

In addition to the various retail items, Metaphysion will also offer tarot readings, as well as the service of a masseuse. Later this summer, they'll host an author; Garcia and McNamara can't say who it is, but call his visit a "once in a lifetime opportunity."


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