Easton's Game Gallery Finds New Home

Northampton Street video game store has new location, plans to install arcade games.

Easton's Game Gallery has reached a new level.

The vintage video game store -- which opened earlier this year on Northampton Street -- moved from one side of Centre Square to the other recently, setting up a new location at 315 Northampton St.

The move was prompted by the need for more room, both for merchandise and to host tournaments, said manager Matt Ellis.

"We were out of shelf space," he said. "And any fun events we wanted to do in the store, we couldn't."

For example, when the store wanted to hold a Street Fighter tournament over the summer, it needed to do so at Drinky's, the bar across the street. 

The new location is much more open, with room for people to shop and to play games. There's also a bunch of empty space in the back, which Ellis hopes will one day hold arcade games.

But not just any arcade games. The idea is to install games that a lot of people will enjoy, such as dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution, or martial arts games that pit two players against each other.

"There's a big community for Dance, Dance Revolution," Ellis said. "Street Fighter, Tekken, huge communities."

And then there are the classics. He wants to get an Asteroids machine, as well as Ms. Pac-Man. He's clear about that: Ms. Pac-Man, which is more of a challenge than its predecessor. 

"Pac-Man, you could memorize," Ellis said.

The store will hold a grand opening Saturday at 10:30 a.m. The day's events include a tournament of the game Super Smash Bros. starting at 4 p.m.


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