Easton Investment House Celebrates 35 Years

Investment Advisors Management marks 35th year in Easton with new logo.

Joe Parsons has been in the investment business in Easton for 35 years.

And although a lot has changed in the world in that time, the things his customers need are still the same.

"They need to retire in comfort and dignity," he said. "They need to protect their families."

Parsons, an Easton native, was speaking Thursday at Investment Advisors Management -- previously Investment Advisors Wealth Management -- his N. Second Street firm, as it celebrated its 35th anniversary. 

A large number of people gathered outside IAM office as supporters paid tribute to Parsons, who began a small financial planning business in 1977, and now manages $210 million in assets.

Master of ceremonies Kevin Mailey, Larson's long-time friend and colleague, paid tribute to the IAM president/CEO by recalling their days as high school football opponents.

"He was the guy on the field who you always needed to know where he was," Mailey said, a "complete" player. 

And nothing has changed, Mailey told the audience, calling Larson the complete family man, the complete businessman, the complete community leader.

Easton Mayor Sal Panto praised IAM for staying in the city in good times and bad.

"We're doing really well in Easton," he said. "What makes us do well is businesses who stay and grow. You were here and stayed in some of the worst times around."

In addition to celebrating the 35th anniversary of IAM, the company also unveiled a new sign with its name.


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