Oreo and Reese's Muffins in Donut Center's Renovation Plans

The Donut Center in Huntington will soon be "Aunties Cafe" serving "muffins galore and more."

Get your Donut Center fix in before day's end, because it will be closed for a very long weekend...but when they re-open next Wednesday they're going to be better than ever!

In case you haven't seen the sign in their window yet, I snapped a photo while I was there this morning.

They'll be closed Friday, Feb.1 - Wednesday, Feb. 3 for remodeling. Though the dtore name will change to Aunties Cafe, there won't be change in management or staffing. "Same owners, all new look."

The biggest change is that they won't be specializing in doughnuts anymore.

"We're getting rid of most of our doughnuts, we're only gonna have like four of them," said John, who was manning the counter this afternoon. "And then we're going to have more muffins."

Not just all the regular muffins, some special kinds as well, like Oreo and Reese's candy flavored.

John also said the back wall is going to be torn down and moved further back, and two new large display coolers will be stocked with goodies like pastries and scones daily.

Leah Salomoni February 02, 2013 at 01:45 AM
"D-d-did you s-say oreo and reeses muffins? DO WANT" - Carn E Saur "I can understand wanting to add muffins, but I'm getting really tired of everyone doing things with Oreos, Reeses and the same old things all the time - whether it's a flurry, blizzard, cake, yogurt ... we are becoming a nation that is losing its flavor in favor of too many chain flavors. I still wish them all the best, though." - Kathy Moran "That's great news. I hope they can renovate It to a more trendy atmosphere both on the floor design and signage. That would be a step in right direction for Huntington center. So far it's one down 40 to go. The one being Huntington street cafe which is definitely a step in right direction." - Matthew Petrocelli (Comments transferred from Shelton Patch Facebook page: www.facebook.com/SheltonPatch)


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