Photo Gallery: Tombler's Benefit

People crowd into Black and Blue to donate money to bakery.

Dozens of people turned out Tuesday evening for a dinner that benefitted Tombler's Home Bakery, a local favorite that was destroyed in a fire last month.

Photographer Katja Kruppe was at the benefit -- held at Black and Blue on Walnut Street -- and brings us these pictures.

Katja Kruppe August 17, 2011 at 04:02 PM
It was truly amazing to see the support of a community, coming together for this event. Black and Blue was packed and the food which was donated by vendors from the Easton Farmers Market was prepared into the most delicious meals. It was also great to mingle and meet people you usually see at the market and around town but never meet. Sharing tables for this great event also gave us an opportunity to introduce ourselves to familiar faces. I hope Tombler's Bakery will soon be able to get back to baking for us. Our weekly Farmers Market ritual is to grab a coffee from Terra and then head straight to Tombler's stand to get a chocolate chip cookie for my son before we shop at any of the other vendors. He's been disappointed to not see the stand in the past weeks since the fire and I had to explain to him what happened and why they were no longer there.


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