Panto Battles Other Mayors, Laryngitis in Cook-Off

Blogger Andy Novick provides this video of Mayor Sal Panto facing off against his counterpart from Phillipsburg during the Easton Garlic Fest

Our blogger Andy Novick went above and beyond the call of duty this weekend, patroling the Easton Garlic Fest with a pretty elaborate camera/microphone set-up to get video of the festivities. He blogged about it, but we thought we'd highlight his good work here as well.

One of the things he captured Sunday was the annual Mayor's Challenge, in which Easton Mayor Sal Panto and other local mayors -- joined by chefs from their respective communties -- make a garlic-themed dish.

We should note the mayor had laryngitis over the weekend, hence his higher-than-normal voice. Also, if you were out and took photos and videos this weekend, our Pics and Clips section is the perfect place for them.  


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