Freezing Rain Advisory Follows Easton Flood Warning

Parts of Lehigh Drive in Easton is closed because of an ice jam.

The Lehigh River, seen from the Third Street bridge in Easton Thursday.
The Lehigh River, seen from the Third Street bridge in Easton Thursday.
The National Weather Service is warning of flooding in Easton because of an ice jam on the river, just downstream from the Old Glendon Bridge.

The flood warning will be in effect until early Friday morning, the NWS said. The ice jam should be in place until at least early Friday. 

The flood warning will overlap with a freezing rain advisory for the city and much of the Lehigh Valley. It goes into effect Friday at 3 a.m. and lasts until 1 p.m.

Lehigh Drive was closed in West Easton Thursday, with ice covering a large portion of the road near Easton Avenue.

A public works crew was on the scene, along with numerous people who came to take pictures of the frozen river.

The National Weather Service says that ice jams can behave erratically, and residents and businesses along the river should be on alert until the jam clears. 

A driver had to be rescued Wednesday night after her car became stuck in four feet of water, the Morning Call reported.



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