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Easton Honors Martin Luther King, Jr.

City church, community organizations hold events to remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

Although Easton's kids weren't in class Monday, that doesn't mean they weren't learning.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day programs around the city gave children a chance to learn about King himself, and also about his ideals, such as non-violence.

That's what kids were learning about late Monday afternoon at the Easton Boys & Girls Club, answering questions on how to avoid and prevent bullying.

At Greater Shiloh Church, the congregation gathered -- as it does every year -- to remember King through prayer, words, music and dance -- and in one case --miming.

There was music at the Easton Area Community Center, both from students from Northampton Community College and from the choir at the River Valley Waldorf School in Upper Black Eddy.

Jay Bell January 22, 2013 at 06:37 AM
President Obama should make it a point to be more like MLK Jr. instead of a corporate minion like he has been. Earn that Nobel Peace prize by ending these wars! www.firebrandcentral.com


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