Easton Area Mailmen Join 'Million Mile' Club

U.S. Postal Service honors suburban Easton drivers with 30-plus accident free years.

Members of the U.S. Postal Service's Million Mile Club.
Members of the U.S. Postal Service's Million Mile Club.
After 37 years of driving a suburban Easton mail route, some things became second nature for Darryl Crum.

“You learn to read what people are going to do," he said. "You can see, a quarter of mile away, what people are going to do. At least I can.”

Crum, who's now retired, was one of six employees inducted Wednesday into the U.S. Postal Service's "Million Mile Club," which is open to workers who have remained accident free for over 30 years or for one million miles.

The six employees were honored Wednesday morning at the Palmer Township post office, where they received a plaque, pin and jacket. 

More than 9,300 postal workers have achieved this distinction, according to the National Safety Council. Postal officials said workers reach the club through regimen of safe, defensive driving.

"Safety is a mindset," William Lucini, of the National Association of Letter Carriers union, told the workers Wednesday. "You have to tell yourself every day 'I'm going to be safe.'"

That hasn't always been easy, Crum said, in growing communities like Forks and Palmer townships.

“It’s doubled in size as far as mail carriers are concerned," he said. 

And although Crum, who retired earlier this year, has managed to avoid getting into accidents, he's still been hit by other drivers.

“I’ve been hit by other people five times in my career," he said. "One time…a lady died two weeks after she hit me. It’s scary out there. I mean, I’ve had dozens, if not hundreds of close calls.”

He said his workplace driving has carried over into everyday life.

"My wife’s amazed at the things I can see," Crum said.

Joining Crum in the club are Donald Detweiler and Steve Diehl, who both have 33 years on the job; Richard Turk, who's been a mail carrier for 35 years; Warren Wilson, Jr., with the postal service for 31 years, and Richard Statler, who began his career in the fall of 1963.


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